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Its access is in itself an unforgettable journey; its antechamber is a beautiful and magical Andalusian courtyard built in colonial times full of cartridges, where friendly rabbits and peacocks live. You will then reach a historic corridor that will take you on a literal journey through memory and time.
Designed as an oriental sanctuary completely dedicated to your senses, we are welcomed by its entrance door flanked by two Hindu gods hand-carved in sacred sandalwood. The first therapy: chromotherapy; you receive it just by stepping into the spa through the Turkish lamps of multicolored stained glass that decorate the whole place.
Within seconds of arriving, you can feel the energy of the hundreds of pieces, each one placed according to the right reason and the right place. Turkish tapestries, Persian carpets, Asian furniture, stained glass and oriental paintings; porcelain, wood and bronze images that represent the mysticism of the oriental gods; all this together with the hundreds of Turkish eyes strategically placed in front of mirrors that according to the oriental culture repel all negative energy and flood with inner peace.

This portal to relaxation and deep wellness has four cabins for individual massages; a double Thai massage cabin; transcendental meditation room; box bath cabins; sauna; Turkish; polar and hydromassage. Its construction, duly harmonized with the 4 elements of nature, generates the perfect balance between body, spirit and the universe.

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Dhanvantari Spa's meditation room is an oasis of peace where soft melodies, high vibrational décor and essential aromas set the stage for pure relaxation and meditation.



The wet area of Dhanvantari Spa is dedicated to detoxification and relaxation of body and soul.
The light atmosphere, soothing sounds and fine aromas will transport you to deep relaxation.
This circuit of wet areas offers a unique revitalizing experience.
The jacuzzis and polar jets filled with spring water from the southeastern slopes of Chimborazo, surrounded by volcanic stone, seduce with the undeniable charm of their stained glass windows of oriental gods and the most elegant details. The sauna and Turkish bath will detoxify your body and the water vapors will soothe the depths of your soul. After a long day, a divine transformation for body and soul.


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Based on the philosophy that a person is understood as a unity between body, mind and spirit, we have different treatments that will help you find the harmony of your senses.

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