Community-based tourism

Hosteria La Andaluza as part of its social and community responsibility has alliances with local producers to introduce them and link them with our guests who enjoy unique experiences.

Horseback riding in the countryside

Choose from different activities outside the hotel such as horseback riding and hiking in the desert, the hotel offers coordination for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

The chimborazo ice maker

Meet the last ice maker of Chimborazo, Baltazar Ushca, chat with him and taste the Chimborazo ice brought exclusively for you, while Baltazar tells you his stories about this profession on the verge of extinction.

the sofi cow

Country life can be unknown, we show it to you in a fun way. You can meet and interact with the farm animals found here.

Hotel experiences

Hostería La Andaluza invites you to live special moments while exploring the hotel and its corners where each space has something to offer: Revealing emotions and creating experiences.

The rabbits' garden

In our gardens we have rabbits and peacocks, friendly and always ready to approach for food. Meet them and create unique moments.

at sunset

Enjoy a unique experience at sunset with a campfire, hot chocolate and marshmallows. While telling stories or legends, accompanied by the sound of nature.

Garden of

The hummingbirds come to drink in a unique space in our gardens. Enjoy their movements and beautiful colors from our restaurant.

Historical tour hotel museum

The Hacienda del Libertador. A place that tells the pre-Columbian, colonial and republican history of Ecuador as well as legends and a number of unique antiques.