we are a committed team


To satisfy the needs of our national and foreign clients with quality service, kindness and excellence; and to contribute to the improvement of the tourist activity in the province of Chimborazo through offers that involve the sustainable tourist development of the region.


To become recognized in the national and international market through public projects that involve the biodiversity of the province of Chimborazo and the natural wealth of the cities of the province and the country, and thus create the need to improve the health of human beings through ecotourism.

Quality Policy

Continuous improvement of all service processes through quality circles, framed within management indexes to achieve customer satisfaction and labor productivity.

Corporate Policy

We are a company that values diversity, we respect the dignity and merit of our employees. We firmly believe that great companies are built on freedom, respect, inclusion and equality.
We provide fair compensation, safe and dignified working conditions, as well as all the tools and training our employees need to achieve excellence in their functions.

Biodiversity and ecosystems of sustainable tourist destinations are preserved through the implementation of environmental management measures aimed at protecting the integrity of ecosystems, that is why at Hostería La Andaluza we believe that economic growth and the welfare of society are closely linked to health and the environment. In the area of data management systems, access to information and data recording environmental awareness among our guests, collaborators and surrounding communities.
We are committed to establishing continuous improvement as a fundamental principle of action, setting goals and objectives to ensure that our service is more useful and that pollution prevention is more present.