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With exquisite taste have been decorated each of our rooms, which have a cozy, antique and Ecuadorian crafts invite our guests to feel at home in La Sultana de los Andes. The rooms are distributed in four areas, all connected: a part in the ancient and historic ranch house, and the other three wings spread over the rest of our facilities; privileged view giant Chimborazo, others overlooking the gardens, multipurpose court and a few located in a cozy two-story common area with bar, fireplace and living room, ideal for families. All rooms have a modern type system of circulating water heating radiators, which always maintains a pleasant room temperature to our guests and visitors, who can also wrap the chimney fire and later enjoy the beautiful landscape that we the high snowcapped volcano gives pride riobambeños, called by the Incas as Taita Chimborazo. In Hacienda Hosteria La Andaluza, you feel being on stage in the past but always with the comfort of the hotel present. (Some rooms have fireplaces and views of Chimborazo, please ask at the time of booking for our availability.)